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April 2022

🤝 Partnerships

In April we released the Partnerships feature! Partnerships allows Users to be part of multiple Organizations. This opens up possibilities for collaboration between Organizations and opens up Tratta for further integration with future Tratta Community Partners.

What is the Tratta Community and what is a Tratta Community Partner?

A Partner is a 3rd party company who has an API integration into Tratta and is used in concert with the Tratta platform to provide value to the existing Organizations.

In short: It’s like having your other vendors all as Apps within Tratta to make life easier.

Another use case is Organizations with multiple child companies, such as a 3rd party, first party and law firm all under one large organization. You’re now able to have one User and alternate between any of the Organizations you’ve been given permission to access.

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⭐ Improvements

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