<aside> 🤩 Help us build products that touch every aspect of the payment life cycle.


Tratta is a B2B SaaS platform providing credit and collection companies a way to create a positive customer experience while increasing their revenue. As a vertically integrated SaaS platform, Tratta provides a suite of products ranging from Customer Portal for processing payments, Campaigns, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Reporting, and Analytics. To find out more, checkout our website.

Increase Self-Serve in Collections to Collect More with Scalable Platform

👨‍💻 About the job

We’re looking for a developer to join our small, productive, remote team spanning UTC-7 ↔ UTC+2 time zones. Tratta is built as a Nuxt/Vue.js application using Tailwind CSS, powered by Laravel backend running on serverless AWS infrastructure managed by Vapor. You’ll spend time here improving existing product and developing new features. We use Slack, Notion, Github, Vuepress for docs.tratta.io. We write monthly updates for our existing and potential clients.

We’re very product driven and very much value quick iteration speed. You’ll start contributing to our codebase from the get go and find multiple processes and tools that enable you to do that.

These are the three of the exciting projects we have on our roadmap in the upcoming months you’ll have the chance to build with us:

📬 Campaigns

We’re building full fledged campaigns inside Tratta! Organization’s will be able to create lists & segments of customers, create email templates and schedule them to be send just once or periodically.


👥 Enhanced User Management

We aim to improve our user management by integrating a dynamic role creation feature, allowing for granular control over user permissions. This update will include a user-friendly matrix layout that streamlines the assignment of key actions—View, Create, Update, Delete—enhancing readability and simplifying the permission management process.



💁 Support Tools