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Tratta is a B2B SaaS platform providing credit and debt collection companies a way to create a positive customer experience while increasing revenue. Tratta is generating over $1m ARR, self-funded and growing rapidly with multiple products that touch on every area of the payment cycle.

Tratta - Increase Your Revenue

About the job

We’re looking for someone to join our small remote team spanning UTC-7 ↔ UTC+1 time zones. Tratta is built as a Nuxt/Vue.js application using Tailwind CSS, powered by Laravel backend running on serverless Vapor infrastructure. You’ll spend time here improving existing product and developing new features. We’re trying to move fast while keeping the technical debt at bay, so tests are a must. We use Slack, Notion, Github and Vuepress for docs.

These are the three exciting projects we plan to tackle in the upcoming months:

🔎 Search

The feature that users of Tratta’s Admin use routinely are Reports. They work great for most of the use cases, but lack the speed optimized search could potentially provide. That’s why we’d like to offer our users fast Algolia like search experience over millions of records.

💅 UI Redesign

Tratta’s Admin is based on Tailwind UI. It served us really well in the past 2 years. Now we’d like to extend and rewrite it gradually to this 👇 fresh design that has recently been finished.

Here’s a sneak peak at how the new design looks like.

Here’s a sneak peak at how the new design looks like.

We also have a design system

We also have a design system